Rancraft RD Sette render front

Rancraft RD Sette: modularity in seven meters

Rancraft RD Sette is a boat designed to be modular, thus satisfying different needs from different boaters.

The basic idea behind Rancraft RD Sette is very simple: modular molds to build different versions, from open to walkaround with cabin, in order to be perfect for daily cruising, sportfishing or even professional use.

Rancraft RD Sette: a winning philosophy

Rancraft RD Sette follows the same steps of RS17 in terms of look and accessories. This is the ideal solution for the boater who wants to pick finishing, color, options, with affordable costs. The basic features are already plenty, but can be easily increased.
The tall bulwarks and the double handrail mean extra safety, while the cockpit is wider than many competitors in order to please anglers. But the peculiarities can be found in the hull, thanks to the Rancraft patented IHC (Innovating Hull Concept) which can grant high performance with reduced fuel consumption and increased comfort.

Rancraft RD Sette

The hull features a transverse redan in order to reduce the water drag, with the air cushion constantly fed through the side air intakes. Another key point is the longitudinal strake running from the mid step to the transom. Its peculiar design (almost reversed to a traditional one) increases precision when turning at low speeds: it’s perfect for troll fishing.

Rancraft RD Sette

The boat can mount two outboard engines or a single one up to 200 HP for good performance. The design of the pulpit, with the so called “duck beak” shape, enlarges the sun pad surface and the cabin room, where a bed can accommodate up to three people. In addition to the bed and the closets there’s an (optional) separate head, while the ceiling features an air chamber within the countermold in order to create a thermal and noise insulation in any condition.

Rancraft RD Sette render

The forward bulkheads create a unique structure with the sides thanks to a system called LFC (Lateral Frame Concept), whose aim is to increase resistance to side impacts and compression. The horizontal bulkhead is over-designed as well, in order to stand the weight and solicitations of an electric winch with thick chain. The whole structure is further protected by another massive bulkhead.

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