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FPT Industrial goes hybrid on the sea

During last Yachting Festivalin Cannes, FPT Industrial has introduced the new S30 engine on a hybrid propulsion boat

Her name is Kite Alike and she’s an innovative boat for passenger transportation, built by S. Giorgio Colombi. Bimotor, one of the Italian delaers of FPT Industrial, contributed in realizing the propulsion system, consisting of a diesel FPT engine and an electric motor powered by the batteries recharged by the engine and – on the enclosed version of the boat – by solar panel.

FPT Industrial

The FPT Industrial S30 engine delivers 230 HP and uses a second-gen, fully electronic common rail system thus offering high power and torque even at very low revs, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Reliability is granted by the much spread use of this unit in industrial and automotive sectors.

The link between the thermic engine and the electric motor s through the HM 560 Transfluid Hybrid System, which allows two propulsions on the same drive shaft. The electric unit has an output of 20 Kw and grants a range of 6 hours with a pace 3 to 6 knots. The two powertrains can be used separately, or in “booster” mode combining their effect. The FPT Industrial engine is used also as a generator to charge the service batteries.

Kite Alike is a 30’ boat offered in two layouts: Limousine, with covered cockpit, and Tender, fully open. Her hull is designed to minimize the drag: along with the reduced weight and the efficient propulsion, the whole concept was born to save the environment. With a real length of 8,9 mt (29 ft 2 in) and a beam of 2.35 (7 ft 8 in), Kite Alike can carry up to 12 passengers.

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