Benetti Mediterraneo 116 M/Y OLI: elegance is made of light

Between tradition and innovation, Benetti Mediterraneo 116 M/Y OLI is a triumph of light in 35.5 meters.

The first model of the Mediterranean 116 range by Benetti, announced in Cannes in September 2015, has a bold look that talks majesty but at the same time gives a very delicate overview, consistent with the design that characterizes the projects from the Viareggio shipyard. Innovative solutions, in terms of on-board technology and aesthetics, are also part of the package.

Benetti Mediterraneo 116'_exteriors (3)
Benetti Mediterraneo 116 M/Y OLI is a 35.5 meter yacht built in fiberglass and carbon fiber, and is powered by two Man V-12-1400 delivering 1,400 HP each, which, with the help of the hull designed by Pierluigi Ausonio, push her to a maximum speed of 15 knots and a fast cruise pace of 14. But her ideal cruise speed is 10 knots, a speed that gives this superyacht a range of 3,000 nautical miles. Further comfort, at anchor and in navigation, is provided by the electric stabilizing fins by CMC Marine.

The interior design
had the priority to
collect and spread light
across all spaces

Benetti Mediterraneo 116'_exteriors (6)

The use of three-meter long glazing and the insertion of a crystal door make the boat very bright. The rationalization of the large outdoor spaces, conceived in continuity with the interior, allows the yacht to be enjoyed in full comfort.

Benetti Mediterraneo 116'_exteriors (7)

The owner already had in mind the features of his yacht, and he saw in the Benetti Mediterraneo 116 project the ideal starting point. The joint work of his team with Giorgio Maria Cassetta and Benetti has led to the creation of a boat that combines innovation and tradition, giving ample room to the light and the usability of all spaces. The interior features a single essence, enriched by inserts and details in polished steel. The large glazed windows amplify the internal volume through the use of natural light. The furnishing, selected among prestigious brands, is deliberately minimal. The refinement of the details is enriched by the choice of the Statuary White and Black Marquinia marble, with matt finish across all the bathrooms of the yacht.

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In the lower deck, the portholes, positioned 70 centimeters above the floor, are real windows 1.6 meter-long. In line with the standards of the Yard, this deck sports four double cabins: two VIP ones to aft, and two with twin beds, each with en-suite. Three double cabins are reserved for the crew, in addition to the captain room placed on the upper deck, adjacent to the pilothouse. To ensure maximum efficiency and privacy, the lower deck is designed so that the crew can move freely without interfering with guests thanks to a dedicated passage. The upper deck stands out for a large free area to bow. A space is dedicated to the pool, with a 360° view above the sea. Then again, 80 square meters is the area of the sundeck: the walking space is 16 meters long; the rollbar is integrated in the furniture and the storage is at full disposal of the guests.

The numbers of Benetti Mediterraneo 116’ M/Y OLI

  • Length overall                    35.50
  • Beam                                    7.72
  • Draft                                     2.15
  • Displacement                     200
  • Engines                                MAN V12-1400 2×1.400 HP
  • Fuel reserve                        33000
  • Fresh water reserve          4000
  • Cabins                                  5
  • Crew cabins                        4

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