Beneteau Barracuda 6, here’s our test of a small pêche promenade

We tested the new Beneteau Barracuda 6: a boat made for anglers, although their friends will enjoy themselves as well. Provided they don’t love to sun bathe.

Beneteau Barracuda 6 is the key model in the range, and the stage reserved to it with the Barracuda Tour is the seal of a generalized consensus in the anglers’ world. Yes, it’s a closed boat, but this is now appreciated even at our latitudes. Nevertheless the first international boat shows where it will be launched are in La Rochelle, Southampton and Scandinavia. Which will undoubtedly be its favorite markets.

You will find the static description of the boat below these paragraphs, as we wrote of it some months ago: what matters now is the test. The maximum power allowed is 140 HP, but we have a Suzuki DF115 which seems to be a good compromise between performance and affordability. I can even compare my readings with the builder’s sheets, which report also the data with a Suzuki DF90 and a DF140.

We have a 14”x17” three-blade aluminum propeller, and our top speed reaches 27 knots, Surprisingly, the fuel consumption declared by Beneteau is higher than our readings at 6000 rpm: 45 liters per hour to 38. The slowest planing pace is at 3900 revs, 9 knots and 12 lph. To get there from still, 5 seconds are a good time and require no trim adjustments.

As for the official data: with the same engine, they stick to my readings (except for the consumption as I said). With the DF140 and the same prop, the yard has reached 30 knots with the same fuel consumption, while at cruising speed there’s no relevant differences between 115 and 140.
With the DF90 and a 14”x13” screw the top speed drops to 23 knots (requiring 32 lph), while at 21 knots the fuel consumption is higher (30 lph to 27).
Both the mentioned official tests have been conducted with just three passengers and no extra load, which is not the condition of normal use for this boat: so, take into consideration to go for the higher powerstep(s).

As for the behavior, my test of Beneteau Barracuda 6 happened on a moderate sea with swell: it handles as you expect from a boat already chosen by thousands of anglers, who like a protected boat and go out in any weather condition. The rudder is precise, and the hull faces the long waves with no worries. Some sprays can be expected on a 6-meter boat, but the main point is that the pilothouse is well protected and grants an excellent visibility all around.

Beneteau Barracuda 6: on board

As mentioned, the full description is at the bottom of this page, I just want to confirm my feeling of Barracuda 6 being a day boat. Going on a (short) cruise requires sacrifices and compromises, as you would expect from a 6-meter fishing boat. Among the practical options, the side door on the passageway and the rigid division between cockpit and salon.
So, in the end: Beneteau Barracuda 6’s DNA will be enjoyed by anglers, lovers of other water activities (the free cockpit is practical) and anybody who wants to navigate even in rough water. But if your priority is the tan, there’s plenty of other boats with a different DNA.

The numbers of Beneteau Barracuda 6

  • Length overall                        6.50 m (21 ft 4in)
  • Length LH                               5.52 m (18 ft 1in)
  • Beam                                        2.40 m (7ft 10in)
  • Displacement                         1403 Kg
  • Max output                             140 HP
  • Fuel reserve                            100 l (26 US gal)
  • Fresh water (optional)          20 l (5 US gal)
  • Passengers                               6
  • CE design category                D
  • Designer                                  Sarrazin Design


        rpm           knots       mph       lph         nm/l         range*      dB

  • 600            2,2           2,5          1,3            1,69          135            61
  • 1000          3,2           3,7          1,8            1,78          142            62
  • 1500          4,5           5,2          2,9            1,55          124            62
  • 2000          5,6          6,4          4,4            1,27          102            68
  • 2500          6,4          7,4          6,5            0,98          79             70
  • 3000          7,1          8,2           9,4            0,76          60             82
  • 3500          8,0         9,2            14             0,57          46             81
  • 4000         11,0        12,7           18             0,61          49             80
  • 4500          17,0        19,6         20             0,85          68            86
  • 5000         21,0        24,2         27              0,78         62             87
  • 5500         24,0        27,6         32              0,75         60             88
  • 6000         27,0        31,1          38              0,71         57              88

*(20% reserve)

Test conditions

  • Moderate sea, clean hull, fuel 90 l (23 US gal), no fresh water, 3 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included):

  • Beneteau Barracuda 6 no engine                    € 17430
  • Beneteau Barracuda 6 no engine, 2 doors    € 19920


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Only for professionals? Not really

Developed also thanks to the experience gained during the Barracuda Tour, the “no kill” gaming contest organized every year by the French yard, Beneteau Barracuda 6 presents in this new version a layout respectful of its strong identity, but also introducing some significant new elements. It’s clear the target of pleasing not only sportfishing enthusiasts, but also other boaters, partners and friends of the owner in the first place.


A length of 6.52 m make it the smallest in the range, but the smart use of space makes it a very enjoyable boat. Anglers will appreciate the large cockpit with live- and caught- wells, and the space for preparing baits, while a large starboard passageway allows to have a second fishing zone in the bow area. In the cockpit, the foldaway bench can be complemented with another two on the sides to create a cozy dinette without disturbing during fishing trips.


The covered area is protected by the typical superstructure, which offers a great visibility from the helm station; the basic set-up can be enriched by a wide range of options including a porta-potty, while the interior seats can be turned into a double berth.

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