Nerea Yacht NY24: class at 37 knots for a luxury 7.5mt cruiser

The new Nerea Yacht NY24 is not a boat like all the others: it doesn’t want to be a mass daycruiser, but a classy and stylish craft to stand out of the crowd.

It’s luxurious, but let’s not forget that Nerea NY24 is still a small cruiser. This means it’s agile and performing, beside being cool. And behind the scenes there’s a whole organization, a company with a solid background who planned this boat as the first tile in a range. The competence of the management is one of the factors that make buying a Nerea NY24 a good purchase.

Cruising with style at 37 knots

Let’s start with the test. The Ligurian Sea is oil-flat, there’s no wind at all, so we start our sea trial without removing the awning: the structure, made up of four carbon-fiber poles, looks sturdy enough…and it definitely is, as I cruise at 20 knots and it holds up quietly. Mounting and dismounting it is, though, a matter of seconds, and there’s a storage space for the poles.

Time to push the throttles: what we have on test is powered by an optional Volvo Penta D4 300, which is exuberant for the 7.5-meter Nerea NY24: in less than 6 seconds we are planing and in 22 we reach the maximum speed of 37 knots.

We are in the sport boats territory: in our opinion, considering the kind of boat this Nerea NY24 is, you can easily go for the standard engine, still a Volvo Penta D4 but delivering 230 hp (for the GT version) and 270 hp (for the Deluxe). Cruising between 25 and 30 knots is indeed the best pace for the boat, the one that lets you appreciate all the comfort and fun.

All the readings have been measured with trims at -4: only for the top speed we put them the other way round. Nerea 24 also features the Zipwake automatic trim adjuster. It’s not in use on our unit and we don’t feel the need for. The hull of Nerea Yacht NY24 remains smooth at every speed, and even sudden change of directions, despite the limited length, don’t cancel the feeling of absolute safety.

We were eager to see the two aft “wings” working: they widen the hull to stern, almost at waterline height. It’s an exclusive feature of this boat, and frankly they effectively do their function ensuring a clean wake and, as we have seen, good speed. And they work very well also when not moving, giving good stability to the whole boat.

The windshield is very protective, even too much considering that a little wind would alleviate the heat…of course we are joking. The navigation is always dry from sprays, at all speeds, while the driving position is as comfortable and ergonomic as we expected.
The cockpit is definitely cool: its chic minimalism conceal a high-end refinement. The stern, developed on three levels floored in teak, matches the hues of the joinery and the color of the hull. Then again, retractable light spots create a suffused atmosphere, as does the dashboard, enclosed in a Garmin Marine “digital cube”. All these aspects make the new Nerea NY24 a boat fit not only to stylish boaters, but also for owners of megayachts who look for a tender that perfectly complements the mother ship. It is no coincidence that the name of the builder includes the word “yacht”.

We find the same refinement in the cabin, which sports fine fabrics covering the bow V-shaped sofa (it becomes a double bed) and other furnishing elements. There is even a porta-potty, hidden beneath a settee.

Still on the refinement side: the dashboard covered in a material named Oltremateria, an original yet functional spatula finish, or the 12-inch Garmin GpsMap 7412 display which collects all the info about navigation and engine operation, and which also includes the 1kW GSD25 echo sounder with Chirp technology and the ClearVu and SideVu functions to see underwater in real time. The plotter is completely touchscreen, leaving the dashboard clean and untidy. The switches, on the other hand, are all on one side, gathered above the Volvo throttle, in a descending section covered in teak.

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope transducer: see the fish as it is

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Again: the two side closets which house the sink and the optional grill both feature a wooden top, which becomes a convenient step in and out the cockpit in case of side mooring. To stern, the dinette of course can turn into a solarium. Last but not least, the noise insulation of the engine compartment is really good as we see from our readings (only the turbines make some voice when getting to plane).
In the end, we hope we made the point: Nerea Yacht NY24 is not a boat like all others.

The model we tested and pictured is the Nerea NY24 Deluxe, but the boatyard also offers a sportier version, with fewer options, called GT: it comes with a significant price reduction. The future programs also include the Limousine Version, a walkaround with open bow perfect as a tender.

What is not in the plans is an outboard version: in our opinion this is a limit, because the outboard choice would open new commercial perspectives to the Nerea Yacht NY24. Maybe this is a way to avoid NY24 to become a mass daycruiser: it wants to be an exclusive, small craft for real lovers of luxury and design.

The numbers of Nerea Yacht NY24

  • Length overall …………… 7,35 m
  • Beam …………… 2,50 m
  • Draft …………… 0,50 m
  • Displacement …………… 3.000 kg
  • Standard engines …………… 1 x 230 hp Volvo Penta D4 sterndrive
  • Optional engines …………… 1 x 300 Volvo Penta D4 sterndrive
  • Fuel reserve …………… 250 l
  • Fresh water reserve …………… 60 l
  • Passengers …………… 6 C / 8 B
  • CE design category …………… B / C


  • rpm knots mph lph nm/l dB range (20% reserve)
  • 700 4,4 5,1 2 2,20 60 440
  • 1000 6,1 7,0 4,5 1,36 64 271
  • 1500 8,3 9,6 14 0,59 68 119
  • 2000 13,0 15,0 23 0,57 78 113
  • 2500 23,0 26,5 28 0,82 81 164
  • 3000 30,0 34,5 39 0,77 79 154
  • 3500 38,0 43,7 57 0,67 80 133

Test conditions

Calm sea, clean hull, fuel 100 l, water 40 l, 3 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • NY24 GT …………… € 150.000
  • NY24 Deluxe …………… € 180.000

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