Volvo Penta introduces improved IPS and new Aquamatic sterndrive transmissions

With triple installation Volvo Penta expands its DPI Aquamatic sterndrive to a wider range of boats

Volvo Penta’s DPI Aquamatic sterndrive is now available as a triple installation: this setup will allow larger boats to benefit from its performance and reliability, and increase the power offering for existing boats.

Volvo Penta has brought to the marine propulsion market some outstanding innovations. The IPS, born in 2005, has been the first system to use front propellers and independent pods on the leisure market. But not many remember that back in 1959 the Swedish manufacturer introduced their first sterndrive transmission, called Aquamatic. Since then, the Aquamatic has been continuously updated – with innovations like the Duoprop, electric steering, and joystick.

You can now have three DPI Aquamatic sterndrives

In 2019, Volvo Penta released their latest generation of Aquamatic drives, the DPI, with increased comfort and maneuverability as well as improved performance and reduced maintenance.
Now the company takes the DPI Aquamatic to an expanded range of boats with the introduction of the triple installation, making this a viable option for boats of up to 60 feet.

volvo penta dpi aquamatic sterndrive triple

The DPI package features a hydraulic clutch that ensures silent and smooth shifting. Along with the electric steering, which comes as standard, the joystick control allows precise operations. The DPI Aquamatic also comes with the option of Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), which automatically maintains a boat’s heading and position, even during strong currents or windy conditions.

Volvo Penta introduces improved IPS and new Aquamatic sterndrive transmissions

As for Volvo Penta’s D4 and D6 engines, the supercharger delivers more low-end torque to get the boat up to planing quickly. When the boat reaches higher revs, the turbo takes over to ensure that the speed can be maintained regardless of load or sea state. The transmission and the Duoprop propellers are designed to transmit all that torque to the water.

volvo penta dpi aquamatic sterndrive triple

Two years ago Volvo Penta and boatbuilder Marell launched the Marell M15, powered by a twin Volvo Penta D6-440 DPI. Now Marell is launching a new Marell M15 patrol boat with the a triple DPI installation. The comparison between the two models show the advantage of the three engines: the toip speed increasesfrom 40 to 50 knots, while the fuel consumption at 40 knots is the same.

We are eager to see and test more models with tripe DPI sterndrives, and will keep you updated on the topic.

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