Suzuki Lightweight Sports, outboards for everybody

For the medium range of power, Suzuki Marine introduces Lightweight Sports, a well articulated lineup of engines for a various target of customers: here’s the DF40A, DF60A, DF60AV, DF70A, DF80A, DF90A.


Both pleasure boaters and professional gamers will find the best outboard for their needs in the new  Suzuki Lightweight Sports range, starting with the Suzuki DF40A and up to the sporty DF90A whose power-to-weight ratio will satisfy the owners of medium sized boats.

The entry level is the DF40A: three in-line cylinders, 12 valves, MPI injection and Lean Burn system. Every component has been designed to reduce mechanical grip: an oil pump lubricates all the moving parts so performance is increased and/or fuel consumption is lowered. At the same time, it’s very simple to run, both at sea and during service.

The Suzuki Lightweight Sports lineup is completed with DF90A and smaller siblings DF80A and DF70A, all derived from the same block. They all feature every technical achievement Suzuki has to offer: Lean Burn Control System, to reduce consumption and emissions, four valves distribution for the four cylinders, double overhead camshaft, and offset crankshaft to reduce total size of the engine.


For the boaters who need a more professional unit, or an outboard capable to move heavier and slower boats (such as displacement ones), Suzuki Lightweight Sports has reserved the DF60AV, known for the mighty push it grants at low speed thanks to the Suzuki High Energy Rotation System: an over-sized stern derived from the one mounted on DF140A allows the installation of 14” propellers giving 42% more push when moving forward and no less than 136% more when backing up (as compared to the DF60A.

All the engines in the Suzuki Lightweight Sports range boast Easy Start system for immediate ignition; large alternator to give big amounts of power at low speed; and maintenance-free distribution chain.



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