Simrad GO7, the multi-purpose touch screen goes affordable

Simrad Yachting has introduced the entry-level Simrad GO7: it’s a chartplotter and ecbo-sounder, multitouch and standalone.

Simrad GO7 grants a quick and easy access to the basic information, so the boater can safely manage their time at sea. They are offered an affordable option for electronic navigation, as a natural complement for ribs and small crafts.

The customizable user interface allows to browse the pages even in the worst weather conditions. With tap-to-select, multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom maps and adjustable sonar range, Simrad GO7 is intuitive also for boaters with little or no experience with a chartplotter. The accurate inner 10 Hz antenna is reliable in every condition and at any speed. NMEA2000 networking, wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility give a total integration with the engine reads, the SonicHub entertainment system, and the autopilot control.

Its 7” screen is bright and clear even in the sunlight, and can turn into a split-screen for monitoring different areas such as traditional sonar, Chirp, DownScan Imaging.

Simrad GO7

Sonar Chirp grants excellent sensitivity, better resolution of the target, and increased noise reduction, for ever clearer images. DownScan Imaging offers photographic visualizations of the bottom, which mean better understanding of the output. Beside the sonar features, it’s possible to visualize the navigation infos on the most recent maps available, chosen among the ample variety on the market.

Last but not least, Simrad GO7 is the first standalone, entry-level display with wirelesss connectivity and full access to the GoFree cloud technology, which allows users to purchase, download and immediately use Insight maps and other GoFree partners cartography, straight from the home page. With GoFree you can receive auto notifications for software updates, then download and install them straight away: your system will be always up-to-date and will feature all the available functions. GoFRee Shop allows users, once registered on Insight Genesis, to download and upload log files on the online service: this improves the realization of customized maps and maximizes data sharing on Social Map community.

Simrad GO7 by Simrad Yachting is available at authorized dealerships, at an approximate price of € 900, excluding maps and transductors.


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