Volvo Penta Interceptor System goes smaller

Volvo Penta Interceptor blades are now available for a wider range of boats, with further software options. Now the Interceptor System spans from 300 to 1050mm.

With the new, small models measuring 300 and 450mm, Interceptors are now available in six sizes, up to 1050mm. The extension of the range means that compact vessels with twin four-liter engines up to large boats can now use the system. The new smaller blades can also be fitted alongside larger sizes – for example, 450mm and 1050mm to equal 1500mm – to create higher number of sizing options.




Volvo Penta Interceptor System: six sizes cover a pretty large market

When the interceptor system is deployed, the blades lower into the water vertically and create hydrodynamic pressure which produces lift to the stern, enabling the boat to accelerate to the plane smoothly. The result is less friction with the water and therefore less fuel required to power the boat at speed.

Volvo Penta Interceptor System 300-1050 has new software and is available in three versions:

  •  Manual (fitted as standard) – for operator-led trim functions.
  •  Auto trim and list (option) – by continuously compensating for wind and load, to automatically correct and optimize trim and list performance.
  •  Auto, trim, list and coordinated turn (as an option) – to automatically control list angle during a turn, as well as optimization of general trim and list functions. With the coordinated turn, the boat turns quickly while remaining as upright as possible, for optimal visibility and onboard comfort.

The Interceptor System is integrated into the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) for easier operation and monitoring. The automatic options work by using GPS, rudder angle, engine data, gyro sensor and an accelerometer.

The blades are made of corrosion-free, composite materials, with a self-cleaning mode to minimizes marine vegetation growth. Retro-fitting is possible along with controls and additional hardware. The automatic options can be over-ridden manually, and the blades retract when the engines are switched off.


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