Mercury celebrates 75 years of engines

2014 is a peculiar year for Mercury, the outboard Company part of Brunswick Corporation.

It was 1939, and all started in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, inside a disused hangar put for sale along with 300 flawed marine engines that were inside. It was E. Carl Kiekhaefer who had a smart intuition: to redesign and rebuild those engines and sell them, in order to finance a new activity he had in mind: to produce magnetic separators for the dairy industry and for the family farm.

It is not known if he made it to produce the magnetic separators, but surely the engine sale was a success and since then the newborn Company named Mercury designed, built and distributed allover the world a wide range of marine propulsion systems for ribs, fishing boats and pleasure crafts.

And you can bet on a long future for their story. Today, from their headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Mercury manages over 5.400 employees in dozen of Countries in the world, coordinating with 4.200 dealerships.Mercury motori oggi


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