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With augmented reality, Raymrine and Azimut take a step forward in safety

Gathering all relevant information on one image, but the real one. Raymarine augmented reality, of which Azimut will be an early adopter, is a data layer that is superimposed on images taken by a camera in the bow. As if it were the commander’s gaze.

We all remember the first Terminator movie, and in particular the scenes in which Schwarzenegger’s point of view is completed with a series of words, lights and numbers. Well, then it was little more than science fiction, but today augmented reality is a “real” and effective technology. It is also present in automotive, with Mercedes among the pioneers in proposing it on actual models (the new S-Class).

What can augmented reality do for yachting?

If Germans can be deemed early adopters of this technology in cars, Italians are pioneers in yachting: Azimut announces that it will mount Raymarine augmented reality on their yachts.

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It is not difficult to conceive: a camera at the bow frames the environment as if it were the captain’s gaze. The shots are projected on a screen, and all the information coming from sensors, databases, etc. are superimposed exactly where they need to be.

Example: there is a shoal, and on the true and real time image of the sea in front of us we see the indication of the depth. We see a lighthouse to starboard? The screen tells us what it is. And so on imagining … the telephone number of the restaurant that we see as we enter the port, the name and speed of the merchant ship that passes in the distance, the position of rocks or other boats that we would struggle to distinguish with the naked eye.

_If a single screen can collect all the information on an augmented reality vision, the whole set of screens, displays and indicators that we have on the dashboard can be significantly reduced and / or used for other things, such as fishfinder and multimedia info.

Beyond the scenographic and futuristic aspect (although it’s actually present and not future), the advantage of the augmented reality offered by Raymarine on Azimut Yachts is undoubtedly one: safety. Few distractions, and little chance of missing any useful information, as they are all in one screen and superimposed on what the commander naturally sees.

We believe that after the words, the only way to explain augmented reality in yachting is to watch a video. there you go!

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