BWA HP Reef 6.2

BWA HP Reef 6.2, ideal for everybody

The second generation BWA HP Reef is more elegant and comfortable. It consists of four models, 5.40 to 8.15 meters, with a refined and sporty look.

Harmonious lines, blunt edges, colorful touches underline an up-to-date project. The BWA HP Reef 6.2 is a spacious rib, ideal for any use and capable of loading up to 12 guests: the deck is large even to bow and offers two solariums, the aft one completed with soft headrests on the tubular. The fore seats accommodate five passengers.

The center console leaves much space to walk around, while the tall windshield protects the captain when he’s seated and especially when, thanks to the moving bolster cushion, he pilots while standing. Under the helm seat there’s an optional refrigerator, while a tilting table in the cockpit completes the living area. Passengers can take a seat on the aft couch as well, where canvas handles help them during bumpy navigation and the tilting backseat ease access to the swim platform. All the space below the cockpit floor is used for storage. The bow locker is counter-molded, therefore dry and very neat, while all the hatches feature actuators and steel latches covered in soft rubber.

The deep-V hull grants the Reef 6.2 a safe and precise navigation even in choppy sea, and the setup is always parallel to the water surface with no hints of pitching.

BWA HP Reef 6.2 is 6.2 meters long and 2.55 wide (20ft 4in x 8ft 4in); the tubular diameter (5 chambers) is 55 cm (21in) and their materiali s OrcaPennel Industries neoprene hypalon, 1670 dtex. Total weight is 650 Kg, with a 150 liter (40 U gal) fuel tank. The installed power vary from the suggested 60 HP to the maximum 115, which push this rib up to 36knots.

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