The new Garmin GHP Reactor autopilots : more sensitive, easier to install

The new autopilots of the GHP Reactor series replace all the previous Garmin models, and aim to be a benchmark for precision and easy installation.

Thanks to the new technology and to the square shape of the angular sensor, mounting the GHP Reactor is a child’s play: Garmin adds that setting of parameters and calibration takes no more than 5 minutes. More, the compass doesn’t require any orientation and can be installed in different ways.

The new GHP Reactor autopilots first adopt the AHRS technology which, combined with the 9-axis solid state compass, reduces the chance of failure and route deviation to a minimum. So the course is kept more precisely and the electrical drain is reduced.

The Shadow Drive function disengages the automatic control as soon as the pilot moves the helm, to allow him to take the situation under control in case of emergency and sudden maneuvers. In addition, the new Reactor devices can be controlled straight from any Garmin chartplotter screen. The Garmin Auto Guidance function makes possible for the captain to just set the destination and leave to the electronics all the calculations for the safest route, according to the size of the boat.

The new Garmin GHP Reactor autopilots will be on the market starting March 2015, with an approximate price from 1650 to 5050 euros.

garmin-ghp-reactor-mechanical-retrofit-corepack-938x535 garmin-ghp-reactor-steer-by-wire-corepack-938x535garmin-ghp-reactor-hydraulic-corepack-938x535

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