The first Wider 150 has come to life

Wider 150 “Genesi” has been launched in Ancona, Italy. Idea by Tilli Antonelli, design by Fulvio De Simoni.

With Wider 150 “Genesi” Wider Yachts claims to be the first boatyard in the world to build units 125 to 165 feet (38 to 50 meters) which combine diesel-electric propulsion through azimuthal pods with the most advanced technology for LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. This solution is well known on commercial vessels, and offers many advantages: increased reliability, more fuel efficiency, better range, reduced draft, lower noise and vibration, longer service intervals and enhanced flexibility.

All the pros of Wider 150

Entirely built in aluminum, Wider 150 comes from the hand of Fulvio De Simoni, in cooperation with Tilli Antonelli and Wider design team. Beside the innovative propulsion, the peculiarities are found in several solutions that maximize comfort onboard: a 90 square meters beach club with a sea water pool, a 32’ tender and exclusive daycruiser, master apartment measuring 75 square meters with an overhanging terrace above the sea, the large and “private” fore lounge, to end with the navigation instruments clustered around the pilot’s wheel in a horseshoe shape.


Large full-height windows surround the main salon and part of the upper deck, where the Sky Lounge and a dining area with sliding doors give the feeling of being al fresco, but still sheltered. Still on the upper deck, another two terraces further enhance the available space, while to aft of the main level a large cockpit leads to the spacious salon split in two living areas.


Moving abow, the full beam of Wider 150 hosts the master’s apartment, while guests have four double cabins with en-suite. Elegance and style are given a further touch by the Poltrona Frau leather and Gentili Mosconi Home fabrics.


Wider 150 complies the latest standards in terms of crew spaces. The captain has a large cabin on the upper deck, by the pilothouse; while crew are hosted in four twin cabins on the lower deck, where also the mess is located. A center aisle leads then to the engine bay, located to fore, as far as possible by the guest cabins.


Diesel-electric propulsion by Wider

The main innovation is the propulsion: diesel-electric with azimutal pods and the chance to use only the battery supply, overnight or while enjoying the beach club, thus avoiding noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes. A smart system manages the power supply from the four, serial generators and from the batteries: the output moves the yacht and serves all the auxiliaries. Main advantages of this system are low fuel consumption, and extended range.

wider-150-genesiwider-150-genesi  wider-150-genesi

The traditional engine room is replaced by two separate areas: the Power Generator Room to bow and the Technical Room abaft, with the latter hosting the LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery packs. So, the mid part of the hull, which happens to be the widest and steadiest, can be dedicated to guest cabins.

The entire powertrain is modular: Wider 150 can cruise in Zero Emission Mode (ZEM) or with up to four serial generators running. In this case the range is extended while the fuel need is still under control.

All the power sources aboard are under the supervision of Power Management System, a smart and fully integrated device capable of managing the power from shore, from generators and from the batteries; splitting the output upon request: to the electric engines, auxiliaries and/or battery charge.

Designing partner and sole supplier of the system is Emerson Industrial Automation,Company  leader in the market.

Wider 150 claims a top speed of 15 knots and a cruise of 13, with a navigation range of 3000 nautical miles and up to 4200 at 11 knots. She can also cruise using exclusively the battery power, i.e. Zero Emission Mode, for a totally quiet slow cruising at 5 knots.


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