Mercury Flo-Torq manges the extra power of your engine, saves the propeller

When the output is relevant, not any flexible coupling is ok. Mercury Flo-Torq has been designed to bear the power of the Verado 350 and 400R engines.

The activity at Mercury Propellers is restless, not just for blades but also for their relative gear. The brand of Mercury Marine has just introduced Mercury Flo-Torq SSR HD, right after launching the new Verado 350 and 400 HP engines: a new step in terms of power as well as in mechanical stress.

There was the need to develop a coupling which could cope with such high numbers, especially reduce the clunk of the transmission and vibrations at high revving speed., on 1.25-inches high resistance prop shafts.


Mercury Flo-Torq: first of a kind

Mercury Flo-Torq debuts a new technology named Mercury SSR (Soft Shift Rubber), which lowers noise and vibration by 25% during a gear change. SSR doesn’t hinder the strength and durability of a specific hub (or boss). The steel flexible coupling is glued to a rubber sleeve whose function is to soften the gear change.

As soon as the propeller is under stress, the SS end of the coupling engages to the prop core, becoming an integral hub that transfers all the power of the latest FourStroke engines.

Mercury Flo-Torq SSR flexible couplings are part of the whole Mercury powertrain, available on Mercury Verados 350 and 400R  and suggested also for crafts mounting the Joystick Piloting system.


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