Simrad TotalScan, the all-in-one transductor for fishing

“All the most advanced sonar technology in just one transductor”: this is the claim of Simrad TotalScan, the evolution in fishfinding.

The first requisite to turn a gaming session into fun, saving disappointment and waste of time, is to have a precise instrumentation capable of leading to shoal-rich areas. That is why it’s important to follow the evolution of technology in this field, also when looking at the increasing simplification of on-board systems and equipments.

Simrad TotalScan means less transductors

Simrad TotalScan combines the Chirp sonar capabilities with the high resolution StructureScan HD and DownScan Imaging Technologies. Thanks to these three features combined into a single transductor, anglers will enjoy a better contrast in seeing the target and less noise on the screen, beyond having photo images of the areas where fish is hiding on both sides of the boat (StructureScan HD) and directly under DownScan Imaging).

Simrad TotalScan reduces the number of transductors needed to benefit from the most modern fishfinding features of Simrad NSS and NSO Evo2. So on one hand the new  HYPERLINK “” \n _blankSimradtransductor reduces costs and installation time, on the other hand it gives more versatility thanks to multiple ways of installation.

Simrad TotalScan is available from February at an indicative price of € 258,45 + VAT, by authorized dealers all over the world.

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