Silver Arrows 460 granturismo: the mercedes -benz of the water is ready

Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo is the first yacht with design by Mercedes -Benz. After the design and development of the project, this 14-meters is finally ready to cruise.

Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo has hit the water. After launchin the brand and the concept, a few years ago at Monaco Yacht Show, the development and construction of the first yacht designed by Mercedes -Benz have proceeded quietly and now the first unit is ready to cruise. Powered by two Yanmar diesel engines delivering 480 HP each, for a total of 960 (much like Formula 1, some say…), this sporty cruiser can reach 40 knots in class and comfort.

Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo: all the philosophy of Mercedes -Benz Style

Mercedes -Benz Style, like Mercedes -Benz, is deemed the synonymous of design and innovation combined with uncompromising quality. Their philosophy is based on smart solutions working to perfection.
Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo then embodies a peculiar use of innovative materials, color combinations, structures, shapes and light. Silver Arrows Marine team had since the beginning very clear in their mind how the 460 Granturismo had to be.


With vast experience of motor yacht design, engineering and construction – and of owning and enjoying them too – the target was defined. “Giving shape to a boat was an exciting challenge for automotive designers like us – states Gorden Wagener, Chief Design with Mercedes -Benz. “Our task was to explore how to apply the Mercedes-Benz design language to the particular proportions and specific requirements of a boat. We wanted to create something special and what we have come up with is indeed unique. The Silver Arrow of the seas embodies pure emotion and stands for luxury, style and pleasure”.

Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo features radical solutions like the new hull design, automotive style, open plan cabin, hi-tech materials, the ‘terrace by the pool’ – and many others.
Now Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo is ready to cross the seas, to take on water the Mercedes -Benz phylosophy.


Silver Arrows 460 Granturismo in numbers

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