Azimut Benetti Group takes over 100% of Fraser Yachts

By buying the shares of V.Ships, minor partner who held 17% of Fraser Yachts for serveral years, Azimut Benetti has taken full control of the global leading yachts’ service provider.

The acquisition is a key step in the Azimut Benetti Group’s development and expansion strategy. Fraser Group is the world’s largest provider of consulting services for yachts and superyachts, with services ranging from sales to charter retail, from charter management to yacht management, to crew placement.


Who is Frazer

Fraser buys and sells over 50 super yachts a year, for a counter value of more than half a billion euros, and holds a world market share of 15% which puts them among the market leaders. They manage directly 120 super yachts, some of them in the ultra-yacht segment, with many tens of crew members. They operate around the world with direct offices in Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Seattle, London, Palma, Bodrum, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore and Sydney. In this respect, Azimut Benetti’s operation will allow Fraser to continue their growth trend, which has led the company to the top spot in the industry. New offices have already been set up in New York and Hong Kong.

Fraser manages directly

120 super yachts,
some of them in the
mega-yacht segment

From a strategic point of view, Benetti, the brand of the Group dedicated to the construction and sale of mega and super yachts, focuses on strengthening their leadership in South Europe on the construction of megayachts over 90 meters (three are under construction, after the first delivery), on launching the Oasis range, a new “lifestyle product”, in their own words, that complements the traditional displacement vessels. Technology is the key to everything: the latest frontier are the innovative propulsion systems developed by Rolls Royce exclusively for Benetti.

The Azimut Yachts expansion program, on the other hand, intends to launch new products on the five collections in the range (Grande, Flybridge, S, Magellano and Atlantis) through significant investments in R&D with the progressive use of carbon fiber, and the involvement of the world’s most renowned interior designers. In the big picture, Fraser will be another tile aimed at offering customers the utmost service for managing, chartering or reselling their boats around the world.
Here’s the (many) news from Azimut Benetti Group for 2018


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