New for 2018, heres the cutting-edge FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO

Innovative technological solutions, excellent performance, compact size, low weight, low fuel consumption, reduced noise, reduced CO2 emissions and limited maintenance costs are all features that make FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO the attention of both sportsmen and sports enthusiasts.

At least according to the press release. And actually the victories and speed records obtained in various categories are the best “test bench” for FPT Industrial’s R&D in order to achieve top performance, power and reliability.

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FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO: long name for the latest engine

The new FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO is the latest addition to the NEF engine family. It’s a 6.7-liter inline six with a maximum power output of 570 HP at 3,000 rpm and a torque of 1,551 Nm at 2,000 rpm, equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as the second generation Common Rail and the water-cooled Waste-Gate turbocharger. It also has four valves per cylinder and the “ladder frame” monoblock. All these peculiarities provide significant benefits in terms of performance, fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Good performance,
compact size, reduced
weight, low fuel consumption,
and smooth ride

FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO wants to lead in torque and weight / power ratio, thanks to its reduced weight, but also for the compact size (means easier installation). The second-generation Electronic Common Rail delivers higher performance with lower fuel consumption and at the same time reduces emissions, allowing the engine to comply with the most stringent emission standards.
Most models of the FPT Industrial range are in line with EU RCD II (European Recreational Directive) and US-EPA Tier 3, the latest and most important certifications for leisure marine engines. Like all FPT Industrial products, even the N67 570 EVO is designed to reduce vibration and noise, in order to provide end users with ever more comfortable navigation.


And more…

Among FPT Industrial engines, it’s worth a mention the C90 650 belonging to the Cursor family . This engine displaces 8.7 liters, with a 6-cylinder in-line configuration and four valves per cylinder, 650 HP at 2,530 rpm and a maximum torque of 2,150 Nm at 1,700 rpm. The injection system uses the Electronic Common Rail with the rail integrated in the head cover, ensuring less noise and more safety. Derived from the version that has obtained several powerboating records, this engine transfers to pleasure navigation performance, reliability and reduced fuel consumption, while remaining in line with the most stringent emission standards.


The C13 825 is another product in the Cursor range: its technology grants a high injection pressure for faster response at all speeds. The 12.9-liter in-line six can reach a maximum power of 825 HP at 2,400 rpm (maximum torque 2,622 Nm). 600 hours between services ensure considerable maintenance savings and less engine stops. Length and reliability are further supported by specific lubrication of oil-cooled pistons and “plateau” machining of cylinder barrels.
Did you know that some time ago FPT launched a hybrid boat?

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